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We're making the first day more comfortable, group assignments smoother and networking easier.

Huddled is a student communication and collaboration tool done right.

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Huddled's penguins in a network tree

Build your network on top of your communities 

Form connections at university that you can rely on in the future, right from this comms platform.

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Know who you're studying with

Right from that first week, you can see who your classmates are and you can start those first conversations.


Centralised group chats for your assignments

Everyone has access to Huddled from day one which means you don't need to figure out which chat app to use and share unnecessary personal information.

You no longer need to bring Whatsapp, Slack, Discord or Messenger to class

Want Huddled in your classes?

Sometimes it's worth being proactive about your education, and insisting that change happens. If you want better connection and collaboration while you study.

What Students Say About Huddled

I like how Huddled allows me to connect with other students, which is something that is not there in Canvas.

Student at RMIT University 

Having a platform that allows you to connect with students online can relieve a lot of first-day jitters.

Student at Monash University 

Networking at university should be prioritised as it is equally crucial to our overall academic success.

Student at Swinburne University 

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