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Designed for students, built for enterprise

Give students a feeling of community and measure key datapoints. A mobile app, web app and dashboard that integrates with your systems.

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Utilising your course feed drives engagement and collaboration among students.

Share links, polls, resources, documents and more!

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Integrated into your ecosystem.

We embed Huddled into the university ecosystem, so that setup, onboarding and classroom collaboration is seamless and smooth.

Single Sign On

Huddled connects with your institutions IT systems and Single Sign-on method.

Learning Management System

Huddled embeds into your LMS system and connects with the core information.

Sub groups

Create groups for better collaboration among students

Like and comments on resources and posts


Create Posts, send images and share files

Link an ongoing Zoom, Google Meet or Teams call

Sub groups can be used how you like. For group assignments, chats,  Q&As or ongoing classroom collaboration.


Simplifying Group Task Managament


Assign taks to members of the group

Create custom cards for all your group tasks

Huddled Projects allow students to collaboratively organise their tasks and todo's for assignments in a central location.


Giving students the power to network in their everyday

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Understanding who students really are 

Giving students the power to express themselves


Sharing Skills and Interests chosen by the student

Students can find other students in the same line of work

It's important for students to share who they are, but also to learn more about each other. It helps foster a stronger community at university.


All the nuts and bolts of security

Student and institutional security are at

the forefront of our products

SOC2 Compliant

Huddled utilises SOC2 compliant services for its technical infrastructure and database.


Industry Standard data encryption algorithms to ensure safe communication and privacy.

Local Data Storage

We comply with local data storage rules and regulations to ensure optimal security.

Row Level Security

Users' personal Huddled data can only be accessed by the owner of said data.

An easy way to facilitate collaboration

Save countless hours by managing students in an easy-to-use table interface.


An all-in-one dashboard for management & analytics

The Huddled Dashboard is a staff-only tool to manage their workspace and view key insights into their cohorts.

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