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What is Huddled beyond the product?

We're so glad you asked...we love talking about it.

Pridefully Ambitious

Huddled is all about being confident in sharing and expressing your big goals and aspirations. We're all about building connections that lead to amazing things!

Unique Initiative

Huddled itself aims to be a go-getting, first-mover, who embraces change in new and different ways and we encourage this with all our stakeholders.

Inclusive Community

We are committed, in everything we do, to building communities that are inclusive, safe, respectful, constructive, and relational so everyone benefits.

Value Proposition

We built Huddled to increase student engagement and connection by providing a university-integrated communication platform that’s built for what students want.

Why the Huddled Brand?

Our brand was designed to stand out against a commonly mundane university technology landscape. Our focus is on students, they lead all the decisions at Huddled, so naturally our brand is to reflect our audience. We use big bold text, to make a statement, but that feels inviting for everyone.

Check out our brand guidelines

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