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A collaborative space for the classes you teach.

You can set up Huddled just for your classes to give students more opportunities to connect and learn.


A cluttered inbox is an educator's worst nightmare

On average, educators receive 20-50 emails / hour

or 160-400 emails / day. The majority of their inbox is from student queries. 

Huddled minimises
this admin pressure
by simplifying Q&As

Set up Subgroups or a post thread to handle Q&As. All students have visibility, reducing repeat questions that you would otherwise need to address one-by-one.

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Run live interactive polls with your classes

From coordinating revision sessions, to creating multiple choice questions – polls are a great way to engage with your students.

Provide students with
a private & accessible space to chat with
their group members

Set up assignment Subgroups for your various student groups so they're connected from day one of your classes.

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4-step rollout,
get set up in seconds

Huddled supports manual and CSV upload for account creation so you can get set up in seconds.


call & demo

Confirm trial timeline & key objectives

Create your Huddled workspace

Onboarding session & support

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