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Improve student retention through collaboration and connection

50% of the dropouts that occur at university are due to the isolation and disconnection that students' experience. 

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Reduce the isolation and disconnection that causes many students to drop out

Preview of Huddled's web app, displaying the units that appear automatically for students
Huddled App in Darkmode

Integrated, Data-Driven Communication Platform

huddled decorative dots. A nod to the pop art movement

Having Huddled synced, means all students' tutes, labs, lectures, and class chats are in the same place.

Integrated within your university

Huddled integrates with Moodle, Canvas and D2L
Screen shots from Huddled. Where class content is as easy as a conversations

Sharing posts, comments, photos, and files with classmates, and always have access to all your class conversations.

Feels like social apps students know

Create sub groups in Huddled for better class collaboration and group assignments

Private Collaborative
spaces for students

Create private groups for assignments right in Huddled, which means students aren't using different apps for every class or assignment and exchanging personal information like phone numbers.

You no longer need to bring Whatsapp, Slack, Discord or Messenger to class
Student jumping at the joy of Huddled at their university

Huddled is built by students, for students.

Designed for the students of today!

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